The Tomorrow Lab Presents Social Media For Business

The Tomorrow Lab Presents Social Media For Business

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The Tomorrow Lab Presents is a series of digital marketing events in Belfast. We have four events planned in 2016, and our first event was the popular social media for business event, which took place in The Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast on Thursday 10th March. Our speakers for the day were Matthew Elliott from Unilever, Aengus Fitzgerald of LinkedIn and our own social media executive here at The Tomorrow Lab, Jess Orr.

With over 100 in attendance, these events aim to provide Northern Ireland SMEs with first hand digital marketing tips and advice, using industry professionals and relevant case studies. Be sure to check the links below for our upcoming events, and follow us on Twitter (@TheTomorrowLab) to keep up to date with all our latest news.

Upcoming events –

Speaker slides from the event:
Matthew Elliott (Unilever) –
Aengus Fitzgerald (LinkedIn) –
Jess Orr (The Tomorrow Lab) –

Video by The Hype Factory –

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