The Effects of Digital Marketing on Shisha Lounges

The Effects of Digital Marketing on Shisha Lounges

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By Kaan Kürkçü & Yll Nika

Marketing has changed significantly due to the rise of technology. Changes in consumer behavior made way for a new type of marketing: digital marketing. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands by using electronic media. Using social media or a company website to involve consumers more to the business and giving them the feeling of co-creation can lead to an increase in sales. Shisha lounges in Turkey, like Huqqa lounge, already make good use of digital marketing and they have seen a big growth in sales in a short amount of time. We have used the case of Turkey to see what shisha lounges in the Netherlands can do to further increase their online presence.


Video Prince Lounge

Video Chillex Lounge

Definition “Shisha lounge”

Video Fayrouz Lounge beheading

Video hookah smoke dangers


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