The Digital Marketing Show 2013 | dot Rising Digital Insights

The Digital Marketing Show 2013 | dot Rising Digital Insights

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The .rising team was invited to the first ever Digital Marketing Show, which took place from the 26th – 28th November at the ExCel Campus, London. This is an introduction to our upcoming Thought Leadership Insights series on the digital marketing industry.

.rising is a hub of information providing the latest news and insights to help digital marketing professionals stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Our regular newsletter brings together industry headlines, insights, campaigns, new technology and exciting videos from the world of digital marketing to make sure our readers keep their fingers on the pulse.

Our world is rapidly changing and every marketer needs to keep up with this rate of change: SOCIAL, CONTENT, LOCAL, MOBILE, DATA, CLOUD, EMAIL. Accelerated growth in mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, means that digital opportunities will present themselves in every sector in the industry.

The Digital Marketing Show offered deep insight and solutions that helped enable show attendees to understand how the digital world can help deliver their marketing objectives.

Using case-studies from the world’s leading organisations to explain what has worked and what hasn’t, the show helped provide up-to-the minute advice on the ‘NOW’ and a glimpse into the future.

Focusing on: Affiliate Marketing, Internet Advertising, Web Analytics, Social Media, Search Marketing, Mobile, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Experience & Content, the Digital Marketing Show was an educational experience for marketers at every level.

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