The Business: Digital Marketing for Entertainment Professionals

The Business: Digital Marketing for Entertainment Professionals

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Marketing is a key component for running a successful business, whether it be for your entertainment or parallel career. All careers follow similar paths, and this course will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and tips to successfully market your careers. Through this presentation, audience members will learn: how to you build your unique voice for social media, discover tools and resources to automate your social media, find out how to balance multiple career paths in today’s digital age, consider some unique marketing strategies to for creative industries, and continue building your career with other recommended digital sources.


Kory Alden, CEO of ThinkBrain
Kory is the founder and CEO of ThinkBrain, a Los Angeles based digital marketing and website design agency. Kory is an active part of the professional marketing community and has spoken at numerous events and lectures, including UCLA, Actor’s Fund, and Digital Tech meetups. Before he started his agency, he was a SAG / AFTRA actor and headshot photographer that worked on various commercials, TV shows, and films; and his transition to running a full business provides great knowledge for entertainment professionals seeking marketing information for multiple careers and interests.

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