The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes : Digital Marketing Tips

The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes : Digital Marketing Tips

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The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes:
No matter what kind of business you start, every startup goes through a unique set of marketing challenges like, restricted budgets, limited resources and the pressing need to build brand visibility.
Here are some common marketing mistakes & ways to avoid them
1. Spending money on ‘big marketing’ too quickly
You should hold back and start slow. You don’t want to blow your budget early in this game.
Take time to test your audience & discover who your buyers are by spending small amount of money on hyper-targeted marketing
2. Speaking through the wrong channels
Don’t rush ahead without understanding your audience. You’re likely to have more than one target audience for your product and each one may have its own channel. You need to figure out which channel will give you the best return.
3. Spending too much time on brand perfection
Investing in perfection too early won’t yield much results, rather it would lead to wastage of fund.
The best approach is to run a lean startup method. Don’t delay the launching of the website, just to get the perfect design. Once the website is launched and started rolling, you can pick up more information and make those tweaks and changes for a more stable position.
4. Chasing competitors
Make your own agenda. Don’t get caught in the trap of replicating your competitor’s efforts in the hope of getting more attention.
Your competition may have a bigger budget and hundreds of employees, but don’t dwell on Just focus on your competitive advantage — your ‘secret sauce’.
5. Failing to measure results
If you don’t know what kind of traction you got from a specific campaign, you’ll have no idea if you made a return on your investment.
As you move forward,learn from your past mistakes and relaunch your marketing strategies to drive sales.

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