The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER | Two Minute Tuesdays

The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER | Two Minute Tuesdays

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The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER | Two Minute Tuesdays, , – Web design is one of the most critical elements of your ecommerce site. Check out today’s episode to learn the five most basic and important web design tips to make your online store look great.,


  • Tamara Laschinsky Reply

    Thanks – very useful! :)

  • Prager Microsystems, Inc. Reply

    So true – thanks for pointing out the important things.

  • aNdYmAtTeR Reply

    what about showing visitors what you think they search for rather than what
    you want to show. You might have something visitors want to see and it’s
    more important to figure out if they might want to see that than what you
    want to show. IOW walk in the visitors shoes for a while every now and then
    and get out of your bubble and look from the outside and in instead. You
    will surprise yourself, if you’ve never tried that before. If not, you’re
    in trouble … :)

  • serpholic Reply

    Really if anyone wants to be overcome in e-commerce then his website should
    have a stunning website design. And this video clarify the importance of
    having a good website design. And following these basic tips one can make
    his website look great.

  • Morgan Burns Reply


  • AKS Websoft Consulting Pvt Ltd Reply

    It’s really helpful, these are the basics of web design. Designers should
    always keep these most important aspects of design. thanks!!

  • Kyle Lanning Reply

    Consistency! Consistency! Consistency! Can’t stress that enough! Great

  • Debayne Web Design Reply

    Tuesday Tip: The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER

  • MegaGangsta4life Reply

    This is a really good video. I`m a 16 yr old indie game programmer but
    it`s not easy to get a job doing that. So I decided that I would try and
    get a job as a web programmer / designer, while I make games on the side.

  • Ollweb Solutions Reply

    The 5 Most Important Web Design Tips, EVER…

  • MARY ANN Reply

    Great Video. Just getting started and doing some research, your five tips
    are five great reminders! Thank you.

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