Surefire PR Marketing Tips and Tricks | How To Approach Brands for Public Relations

Surefire PR Marketing Tips and Tricks | How To Approach Brands for Public Relations

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Adam LoDolce here from, and it is Q and A Thursday, I’m here with Neil Patel, and we’re answering your questions.

Today’s topic: tips for PR.

If you want to get PR, then here’s the thing.

Most people want to be featured on TechCrunch, Business Insider, CNN, Mashable; you name it.

Hitting up the editors and asking them to promote you or write about you, usually isn’t going to do much.

They’re going to ignore you.

You need to get an intro. But people go about asking for PR the wrong way.

The right way to get PR is to network with all the people within the companies you’re targeting.

Once you network with those people, ask them for an introduction. It is the easiest way to get PR.

If you’re a marketer, this is even a bit more intense, but it works.

I used to contact Tech Crunch, Mashable, Business Insider, Gawker Media, and the whole network, and the list kept going on and on.

I would offer to do all of their marketing for free, and when I needed PR, I’d go straight to them. It works because not only do I know their stats, they were happy to do PR because I did their marketing for free.

That’s an effective strategy, because I got more press, and they also introduced me to other people that needed marketing once I increased their traffic.

That’s a longer-term play, but a great strategy.

If people just reached out to you to write about dating, like Tinder or Match, would you respond? No, you’d just ignore them.

On the flip side, if someone you knew emailed you and did an introduction to someone at Tinder, would you be much more likely to respond?

Exactly, so you want to get that intro.

If you can’t figure out how to get the intro by reaching out to the top 10 people who work there, go to local events, networking events.

You’ll eventually meet the right people, especially if they’re startup events, or ones who like have gotten press or networked, and know how to get on Tech Crunch or Mashable, or whatever the version is in your country.

They’ll introduce you and help you get on there as well.

When you’re emailing people within a company, it’s important to know that when you’re going for the top 10; it has to be someone in public relations, the CEO or founder, or someone in marketing.

If you just hit up random people, you’re not going to get the conversion.

I get, 10, 20 messages a day saying, can you write about us?

I don’t even read it, the moment I can see it’s generic, I just click the back button and move on to the next email.

It’s all about giving and giving to the right people, and then it just comes right back around, it’s like that business karma, I guess.

I was going to do SEO for one of my other companies, and then I was starting, and I offered to work with you for free.

There’s no money exchanged or anything; we’re just friends. It’s not even like you asked to be on here, I just offered, and that’s how you got PR from me.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, a marketer, or anyone, you need help, I don’t care if you have money, or you have a lot or a little, doesn’t matter, it’s media karma, I am here to help.

I’ll try to do my best to help you succeed. So thank you, subscribe, leave a comment, I love you guys.

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