Support Your Digital Marketing!! EP 004 of Digital Marketing Today

Support Your Digital Marketing!! EP 004 of Digital Marketing Today

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Support your digital marketing! Support your digital marketing!
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Support as: A. to promote the interests or cause of; B. to uphold or defend as valid or right; C. to provide with substantiation
Believing in, getting behind and supporting your digital marketing is truly mission critical and that is why I encourage you to adopt a M4 Digital Support System created by the pros at SyncLab Media.
M4 stands for:
Merge – creating a truly integrated marketing approach
Maximize – increasing search visibility and ranking with the right wording and tagging (we will talk tagging in future episodes).
Manage – interacting with engaged audience members that interact with your content
Measure – defined outcome success with both social ROI, more opportunities to be of service and more business.
SyncLab Media created the M4 Digital Support System and I am sure they would be happy to share more details so visit and be sure to sign up for the latest digital marketing tips and tricks.
Here at Digital Marketing Today, we will be digging deep into their M4 Digital Support System as well so subscribe on YouTube and connect with us on your favorite social media.
Host – Dean Lindsay,
Director/Editor – Mark Neace,
Executive Producer – Scot Duke,

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