Strategies and Success Tips For Lawyers & Other Professionals On Google Plus

Strategies and Success Tips For Lawyers & Other Professionals On Google Plus

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After +Stephan Futeral spent a week enjoying the Florida Keys, and I spent a long weekend enjoying Daytona Beach, followed by a half-week of semi-vacation, we are both revitalized and ready to get back moving on G+.  So we figured the lawyers in our audience might benefit from a discussion of strategies and success tips on Google Plus.  We plan to share some of our own strategies, as well as getting input from our exciting guests on this topic.

Our guests this coming Monday include two of my favorite G plussers, who have actually become real friends of mine IRL because of Google Plus, and whose business includes web development and social media management for other businesses, including several lawyers over time.

+Carolyn Capern calls herself a “digital storyteller,” and is frankly one of the most intelligent women I have ever met.  She reads 52 books a year and can write compelling copy as well as anyone I have encountered on Google Plus.  She is a partner in her own company, CT Social, and she is the primary blog writer for the company.

+Greg Trujillo often describes himself as a geek, and is also exceptionally bright.  He studied computer engineering but transformed into a hyper coding animal of sorts.  He also writes great blog and social media entries, but his primary job is writing pages and pages of code to make the website design magic happen for clients of CT Social.  

They are both regular contributors to the hugely successful +Google Plus Daily 

During our next broadcast, among other topics, we will discuss:

How to be personal and social on G+, without sacrificing professionalism,

How to attain more followers,

How to attain more truly engaging followers,

How to attract the attention of influencers,

Best posting & engagement practices,

How to most effectively work with a marketing and website design company, to help with your social media strategy.

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