Starting a Web Design Business?

Starting a Web Design Business?

Posted by on / 25 Comments – In this video I share some tips and advice on starting a web design business.


  • Mike Locke Reply

    WordPress is the most popular. Blogging itself can be difficult. Everyone
    has trouble with it as in finding things to blog about. But if you can work
    it to your advantage, you’ll see many things come about from blogging (i.e.
    more traffic to your site, clients, etc.)

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Same to you!

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Just a few. ­čśë

  • Philippogz Reply

    Thanks for all your videos! You da man!

  • MrApple233 Reply

    Thank you, happy holidays!

  • Allan Lange Reply

    As always a great video and some great tips on becoming successful in the
    field of web design. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your

  • Mike Locke Reply

    You’re welcome. Best to you and yours

  • Mike Locke Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

  • Anticio Duke Reply

    Always good stuff. Thanks for starting the New Year off right. Happy

  • urbannerd Reply

    I needed to hear this today.. thank you

  • blok229 Reply

    Yo Micheal, thanks for all of your help, I’m o my way! Just tell me what
    kind of camera you used to record this video?

  • Pornsri Sae-Ung Reply

    It was made. The cushions have rose design which look like untidy. Nice
    bedroom, Michael.

  • caleb8262 Reply

    mike i make one a very good webdesign but i dont think i will have a future
    on this bro! but thank you so much your tips really helped me

  • Monlam Makhampa Reply

    great video!! thank you so much Michael..

  • Ashit Vora Reply

    Awesome as always. Can you make couple of videos explaining from where do
    you take inspiration about different designs that you make?

  • david paty Reply

    Nice video but I think SOCIALMEDIAMANAGER.ALLALLA.COM is much better as it
    pays me over 3.000$ /month

  • Orhan BILER Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions´╗┐

  • kiko byte Reply

    thanks mike your video helps me a lot and inspired me.. godbless´╗┐

  • Bartholomeo Diash Reply

    Yeah, web design business is only business.´╗┐

  • Sunitha Francis Reply

    Hey Mike I am inspired by your videos ..I am new to webpage design
    business.where can I find people to work with so to gain exposure I am not
    seeking for clients but I am searching for people who could employ me in
    webpage design…
    Plz do reply´╗┐

  • LHDesigns Reply

    Hello Mike! I love watching your videos but I have a question, I am 14 and
    I am trying to start a freelance web design business. I have studied web
    design for about two years now and I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, and
    JavaScript. I am little hesitant in starting because I don’t have a lot of
    money and I’m a little worried that people won’t take me seriously as a web
    designer. What should I do?

  • Anis Sayyad Reply

    Thanxx ……Mike!!!´╗┐

  • Mark Hallam Reply

    How can you find reliable contractors to work with you?´╗┐

  • Avichay Avivi Reply

    Very good tips, THANKS!´╗┐

  • Stephen Asonye Reply

    Should you have your blog and portfolio website on the same website or

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