SRM 26: 3 Critical Online Marketing Tips For New Home Business Entrepreneurs

SRM 26: 3 Critical Online Marketing Tips For New Home Business Entrepreneurs

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3 Online Marketing Tips For New Home Business Entrepreneurs –

The 3 online marketing tips I share in this post and Facebook Live video are GUARANTEED to help you maximize your results. These 3 key online marketing tips make up the foundation of successfully marketing online.

If you can understand these full, you can essentially marketing anything online and get results.

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3 Online Marketing Tips For New Home Business Entrepreneurs

Know Your Target Market

The key to online marketing success is knowing your target market. Before you can do anything else, you MUST understand and figure out who is your ideal prospect or customer.

Understanding their problems, as well as their goals is the key to getting better results online. This is the MOST important of all online marketing tips and tricks. If you don’t understand your target audience, how can you communicate to them in your marketing.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that everyone is their target market. NOT TRUE AT ALL.

I heard someone once say, marketing to everyone is marketing to no one at all.

Before you start online marketing, take an hour or so and think about who your ideal prospect is and then the rest will fall into place.

Have An Insanely Valuable Irresistible Offer

Now that you understand who your target market is, you can focus on giving them EXACTLY what they want and need.

Your irresistible offer is simply something you give to your audience, typically for FREE in exchange for their contact information.

When you know the pain points of your target market, then all you need to do is provide them with a solution to their problems.

To paint a picture for you. Imagine, the world or even your entire community is stricken with an illness or disease and you have the cure. Can you see it? People will come running to you.

Your irresistible offer should be the pain killer to their pain. I can be in the form of a downloadable PDF, training video or a simple cheat sheet. Whatever you choose, make sure it is of high-value and you will make an awesome first impression on your new prospect.

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The Fortune Is…….. In The Follow Up

You’ve probably heard this phrase over and over again, but it’s true.

You can’t expect to make sales and sponsor people into your business if you don’t follow up.

The reality is that most people won’t follow up. So you can stand out from everyone else by actually connecting with people that reach out to you.

Using social media and Facebook is a great way to connect and get the conversation going. The kicker thoughts that you want to make sure you do it the proper way. The challenge with social media is that most people connect and engage with people incorrectly. They treat is as a place to post links and spam people and that just doesn’t work.

My friend Jessica Higdon actually created a video series that helps you understand EXACTLY how to use social media the right way without being pitch. I recommend you go here and watch the video series. –

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