Social Media Marketing Tips #4: Social Media Marketing Content

Social Media Marketing Tips #4: Social Media Marketing Content

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In order to perform social media marketing, you need to be posting social media marketing content.

Your content, in order to allow you to perform social media marketing, MUST respect the social media platform format.

I do not mean “format” as image sizes (which you can easily find googling “Twitter post image size”, for instance), but the format that will make your content look good.

For instance, on Instagram, you must make use of pictures. Squared pictures.

On Pinterest, you must post long form pictures.

On Twitter, 140 characters, with not more than a couple of hashtags (more than 2, will result in an annoying tweet to look at and read).

Using a picture or a video might let your tweet stand out in the crowd, but it’s not necessary.

On Facebook, even if videos and especially live videos are being pushed by Facebook itself, long form text performs better.

A picture or a video, might help your post to stand out from the rest of the newsfeed.

On LinkedIn, text only is what performs best and pictures or video (even if LinkedIn includes native videos now) tend to perform poorly.

We don’t actually know if it’s robots limiting the visibility of those posts that do not respect the standard or if it’s users not enjoying them, but still…

You wanna respect those rules.

Keep in mind that every platform was built with standards in mind, users are used to those standards and every platform don’t want you to try to take people outside.

This is why links do not perform good on any platform.

Especially Facebook, which is the most jealous platform of all. I’ll talk about Facebook’s jealousy again, in the next video.

BtW, in order to please both platform’s robots and users, fit those standards.

Create native content for each platform and then (like in the comments) provide a link to what you wanted to share.

Especially on Facebook, posting a YouTube link is deadly.

If you wanna share a YouTube video, do it by posting a native content (a shorter video or the video thumbnail image) and then paste the link to the video in the comments.

Do not mess with Facebook… they’re jealous…

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