Social Media Marketing – 4 Big Tips – TheHashtagHunter

Social Media Marketing – 4 Big Tips – TheHashtagHunter

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I hear you. You are saying. Really Terry? I can really attract the perfect prospect to me?

YES. But you have to do it deliberately. Your social media marketing plan needs to include this.

If it doesn’t, you will just attract anyone.

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Your Social Media Marketing Plan – 3 Top Secrets To Attract Your Perfect Prospect

So, why attract your perfect prospect? If you don’t, you are just hoping and praying something works.

Hoping and praying will not win anything and or attract the right person to you.

1. Think with the end in mind with your social media marketing strategy.

What I mean by this is, when you post think about who you are trying to attract.

If it is upper level people. Think of what they will like.

social media marketing planWhat will they respond to.

This is essential because its a matter of just thinking to attract the person you want in your business.

2. You can’t be afraid of what some people think in your social media business plan.

This is so common. People are SO scared of 1 person leaving there Facebook.

The bottom line is simple. To attract the perfect person, there will always be a few that don’t like.

You can’t please everyone, you must go after the perfect person.

See, if your going after high level people, what attract them make excuse makers mad.

Fact. Stop that in your social media marketing plan.

3. Try to attract everyone isn’t a good social media marketing ideas.

social media marketing planWhen creating your social media marketing plan you need to no think about everybody.

We sometimes think, well everyone wants what I have.

No they don’t. Because you can’t talk to everyone.

You need to pick your perfect prospect inside your social media marketing strategy.

Here are a couple great resources inside my blog for you.

Why you are not attracting anyone on social media

How you are missing the goal of social media

Here is a really cool video on target marketing on social media and how to do that.

17 sources of LAZY leads –

Social Media Marketing –

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