Social Media for Small Businesses (Hootsuite advice) – interview with Paul Sackmann (part 1)

Social Media for Small Businesses (Hootsuite advice) – interview with Paul Sackmann (part 1)

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Here’s the part 2:
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We’ve invited Paul Sackmann from Hootsuite – the most widely used social media management platform in the world to discuss social media best practices and share value for small to medium sized businesses.

Our Interviewer – (Multi Award Winning Speaker & Motivational Sales/Business Mentor) – Jon Covey had a relaxed conversation with Paul Sackmann – Social Marketing & Community Coordinator at Hootsuite.

0:48 – Hootsuite – what a wonderful company – Jon presents some impressive stats.

0:26 – What makes Hootsuite so special?

2:52 – Changes in the interface of Hootsuite vs. ability to do things.

3:55 – Why should a business use social media?

4:27 – What is the future of social media? Where do you see it going?

5:18 – What social network do you feel best fits business users?

6:00 – What do you feel is the biggest mistake people make when using social media for business?

7:05 – Social levelled the playing field for small businesses vs. large organisations. With networks limiting post visibility do you still think there’s a place for small businesses in social media?

8:40 – What’s your top tip for getting the most from social media?

9:18 – Do you have any free resources i.e. strategy blue prints/work books that users can download and use as a game plan?

10:27 – Any tips for how users can get the verified status from Facebook/twitter?

12:23 – Do you feel there’re any big No No’s, what shouldn’t be done?

13:01 – What priority order would you place on social networks? i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.?


RESOURCES and tools mentioned in this part:

Hootsuite Resources:

Hootsuite Blog:

Hootsuite Podium:


Click for more social media resources and tools in part 2:

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