Social CRM tips (DGS4 Recap)

Social CRM tips (DGS4 Recap)

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Social CRM tips
What is the danger for a company that is not doing this? That does not have social listening tools in place?

It’s horrible. There many different people around the world using these social platforms, I believe Facebook had a report that stated on average now they have 1 billion users a day. That is 1/7th of the planet using Facebook. That is a huge exposure and it’s a liability for brands, but it is also an opportunity. If you can take advantage of the opportunity and minimize the liability by mitigating risk, I think it is tremendously important. – Narine Galstian

Our customers are doing research about our brand before they pick up the phone and call us. No matter what brand you are in, someone is going to know who you are and is looking at your social presence long before you hear from them. You need to make sure that you have a good reputation online and CRM is a tool that can allow you to do that really well. – Greg Gant

How are you able to use this data to affect your marketing strategy going forward?

It used to be a separate, or an after thought, but now this data is an integrated part of our overall marketing strategy. You can’t really separate the two now, they go hand-in-hand and are connected to what the objectives are from a sales perspective. You want to be able to really assess where you are at and where you want to go. Sometimes the thought is, “Well, that’s just social. That’s all branding. It doesn’t translate into business.” People still think that, but it does translate into business. For us, it’s really important to keep those customers and keep the engagements coming. Some of our customers are big brands so we want them talking about us as well, it is really important for the sales teams to understand that this is an integrated part of the social. Now we do long-term planning around this as well so if we need to add additional resources, we plan for that so that we have the right resources in place so that we can react faster. We want to know where our customers are hanging out so that even if we can’t talk with them right now, we know that we want to talk with them in the future and we are aware of what is going on. – Narine Galstian

In a sales organization, it is about accountability as well. Sales teams need to work with marketing and they will ask “How did the campaign work for you? Where did the investment go? What was the result?” Historically, marketing had a lot of soft metrics associated with determining the success so to be able to leverage the metrics that are coming through these solutions that feed this data. This is great for the stakeholders in the business. Sales are just as accountable as marketing and customer service. You can look to see if sales are closing the leads and if marketing is providing the leads and if the customer service team is meeting customer’s needs. You can measure these things in a much more effective way than you could in the past. – Dean Bethke

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