So You Want To Work In Digital Marketing ?

So You Want To Work In Digital Marketing ?

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Here are some tips on what we did to get our jobs at Cult LDN as well as tips from industry professionals.
Feel free to tweet us your questions or leave them in the comment section below. Twitter: @CultLND

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  • FusionofCultures Reply

    Hey Guys, as promised, here is a video on the things I did while applying
    for my current role @CultLDN and I also got some of my colleagues to give
    you tips and advice! Hope this helps :)

  • YayYaysCorner Reply

    I love your personality

  • fadekeee Reply

    Your makeup is flawless. :] How did you wear your natural hair for the
    interview and how do you wear it for work? 

  • Carol S Reply

    Every video I watch I stare dead at your hands. your ring collection is
    sick. Please start sharing details!! I love that ring your mom gave you,
    it’s so hard to find 

  • SimplyKaren28 Reply

    Looking lovely 

  • Ashley Williams Reply

    He’s so cute I would love to work with him <3 :))

  • BeautyBreakswithVicky Reply

    Great video…. Thanks for this. I’m currently in teaching and I’m looking
    to change my career and this is the field I’m most interested in. It would
    be great if you could make a similar video about career changing into the
    world of social media! X

  • Tiffany Arlene Reply

    Great video with great tips. Thanks Cult LDN team!

  • Joanna Ansah Reply

    You really are WONDERFUL!
    I”ve been following (and learning from) your hair blog for some time now
    and to see you turn your hobby into your career AND offering advice for
    those who want to do the same is inspiring.

    I love how your brand is developing and very happy for your continued

    Ps, looks like a great team at work. Congratulations.

  • Esther A Reply

    Great advice! Though i Wish you explained what digital marketing was 

  • WooyoungBias Reply

    Very useful video Layla. Lol too bad work colleagues can’t date ;)

  • Anima Acheampong Reply

    Great video Laila. Can you please share how you choose or buy your
    accessories. I love your rings, earrings, necklaces etc especially our
    rings. Pray do share please. Thanking you in advance. Congratulations on
    the job and even to share with your viewers about how you got it goes to
    show what a beautiful soul you are. Keep shining girl…the sky is your

  • TheChinyere23 Reply

    Thank you sooo much for this video Laila. Very insightful 

  • Victoria Pierre Reply

    Did you major in digital marketing?

  • Jessica Gbalé Reply

    Hey laila! Cam you do an update on the way you do your bun??

  • tania Loves Reply

    Glad to see you back .you look so gorge 

  • MD Reply

    Acousitics are bad, I can hardly discern what’s being said

  • SuperDiamondGH Reply

    This is awesome!!! Question: How do you feel an introvert would hold up in
    the marketing industry? I’m VERY interested in getting to know more about
    the industry and getting some hands-on experience. It’s the one industry I
    can truly see myself genuinely enjoying. Do you feel that marketing
    managers have any type of aversion to introverts? Although I can be very
    social, I’m naturally pretty quiet. Thoughts? :)

  • Jalove Tee Reply

    Hey Laila what did you study at uni? :)

  • NaturalCurlGurl Reply

    WOW Thank you so much for even thinking of us like that. You guys insight
    is really appreciated. Really cool :)

  • NikkiDoll ♥ Reply

    This sounds very interesting !!!!! :) im studying multimedia computing at
    uni in london at the moment im in my second year. do they offer work
    experience ? 

  • Doris Clay Reply

    This is awesome! What about advancement in the field? What levels and how
    long do you think on average does it take to move up in the field?

  • Emm372 Reply

    Did you have previous digital marketing experience prior to apply for the
    role ?

  • joy angel Reply

    Hey Laila what would you say is the actual job role if you don’t mind me
    asking, I am studying marketing atm and I want a greater insight of the
    different careers in marketing 

  • guard your heart Reply

    got it on my list – thanks so much for sharing this! <3

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