Small Business Tips : How to Start a Web Design Business

Small Business Tips : How to Start a Web Design Business

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Start a Web design business by getting the right education, providing design and search engine optimization services, marketing the business, and developing a portfolio. Consider focusing on a specific market for a Web design business with advice from a marketing management professional in this free video on business.

Expert: Mark Clifton
Bio: Mark Clifton has an degree in marketing management from Oxford Brookes University, and has successfully completed the CELTA teacher training program of Cambridge University.
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky


  • Sandia Ennis Reply

    look, feel & location to be found…should be easy to find. find your
    niche… Informative Video, Thanks!

  • TVview Reply

    WELKOM HARDE KERNERS!!!! Leer van deze brave meneer!

  • benbuildsbusinesses Reply

    I build web design businesses… I do them for CHEAP too! Come see…

  • Simon Kay Reply

    Hi im 14 do you guys think i have a chance with this?

  • johnnyjayramone Reply

    Start a web design business today. Full startup kit and business guide.
    start-a-web-design-business (dot) com

  • whostingreview Reply

    great video. I have been freelancing for 1 year and LOVE it 😉

  • adamrain12346 Reply

    @SimonsTechShow do you know css?php?some flash? if you do make a good
    portfolio ask your parnts to help u open the bis ant your good to go (yes)

  • MarcusThe411 Reply

    Great Video, Get Paid Instantly For All Transactions Click My Channel

  • evideomarketings Reply

    AN OPT-OUT While an E-Newsletter is a great source for building your opt-in
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    to avoid angering and alienating clients and prospects.

  • legcaybegins Reply

    This video was very informative about what kind of back ground information
    I would need to obtain in order to start into web design. I think web
    design is very interesting but on my own I find myself getting stuck
    because I feel overwhelmed with information and codes.

  • startawebsitefree Reply

    Awesome awesome awesome.

  • startupbuildervideos Reply

    Hey #UN#, your video has good content, but I am not sure I totally agree
    with it…

  • Mahmoud Elmalkey Reply

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  • mykymyky0001 Reply

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  • Roger Rodri Reply

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