Small Business Owner Interview with Stephan Hovnanian (16:05)

Small Business Owner Interview with Stephan Hovnanian (16:05)

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Stephan Hovnanian is the owner of Shovi Websites, a digital marketing firm whose strategies make businesses more connected to their customers in today’s attention economy. Stephan’s practical, business-focused mindset means his clients build a web footprint that attracts and retains customers, without resorting to “tips and tricks” that will become obsolete in a few months’ time. He wrote the Google+ Pro Tips ebook series, contributed a chapter about Google+ to the book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, and has produced or participated in over 100 live webcasts using Google Hangouts on Air.
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TimeStamp for this video:
0:57-01:10 Sheila: Question: What do you love most about helping small businesses?
01:10-01:52 Stephan: I love seeing it work. When it comes together and the small business achieves clarity.
02:28 -03:04 Sheila: Define: With whom should you stay in touch – two categories – would you agree?
03:05-04:39 Stephan agrees but expands. Inbox is sacred, blasting doesn’t work, he explains
05:03 Sheila: Question: How do I not become “that small business”, the one that does spam and can’t figure out why it’s not working?
05:12-06:20 Stephan: Remember it’s not about you, how can you help them, great answer and lots of suggestions.
Which form of communication do you prefer, single subject email or newsletter style communication?
06:32-08:36 Stephan: Both and here’s why and the challenges and examples for both.
08:38-09:07 Sheila: Categories and strategy question
09:07-10:29 Stephan: Explains more common sense strategy and define what you’re expecting. Step back and look at the big picture first. Don’t allow it to overwhelm you.
10:30-11:59 Sheila: The importance of strategy and knowing what you want to get from the action you’re taking. Get good help to analyze the statistics so you’ll make good decisions.
12:00-14:05 Stephan Professional Services, real estate, mortgage companies, insurance agents – your main goal is to stay top of mind. Examples how to do that to get referrals. Build trust! The power of recommendation is huge in the world of social media today.
14:04-14:38 Sheila: Get over your negative feelings about email marketing (if you have them). When it works, you’ll see the results.
14:39-14:50 Stephan: Your first impulse might be wrong. Here’s why. It’s not about you, it’s about them. You may want to send your list your latest “thing” and you can’t.
14:50-15:34 Sheila: Conclusion and final words.

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