Small Business Marketing Ideas from John Jantsch – GoDaddy

Small Business Marketing Ideas from John Jantsch – GoDaddy

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Need small business marketing ideas? Kate Volman conducts a great interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. John offers practical tips for generating sales leads, creating valuable content, developing integrated marketing strategies and more. See the full blog post at

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== Transcript below ==

Kate Volman: Hey there! I am Kate Volman, and I am so excited to be joined by John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing. John, thank you for taking the time.

John Jantsch: You’re very welcome. I get the sense that you’re so excited about a lot of things.

KV: You are correct, but I am really excited I do get to chat with you. John has been called the world’s most practical small business expert because he constantly delivers really amazing small business marketing ideas and strategies. He is a speaker, he’s a marketing consultant, he is an author, a best-selling author of books including Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling and The Referral Engine. He works with small and midsize companies and he has a really awesome podcast with great guests that Fast Company actually says you must listen to because it’s so good. Huffington Post has called him one of the top 100 to follow on Twitter and Forbes actually called Duct Tape Marketing one of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs. So I could go on and on because you’re awesome but those are just a few points that I wanted to share. Speaking about exciting, we were just chatting before I pressed record. I met John probably twelve-plus years ago. He spoke at the local SCORE chapter here in South Florida and since then I’ve just been hooked on your content. So it’s been fun watching you grow your business John.

JJ: That’s right, you’ve watched me grow up from my teens to you know, now in my 30s.

KV: That’s right.

JJ: This is TV so we can see that.

KV: I know, right? Put a little make-up… So, John, I talk to a lot of digital marketers that are really focused just on digital marketing. You have you talked about lead gen and you talk about sales. That means really all across the board you been working with small businesses. So, I’m going to start really broad and I know that you get asked a lot of different questions but I’m really curious to know what it’s like the number one question that you get asked from small businesses, since you are in front of so many of them.

JJ: Well, I hate to tell you that the number one question I get asked all the time is, because you know, again, I’m working with a lot of owners/founders that know how to do the thing that the business does; that’s their passion and so this marketing thing almost as annoyance. They know they have to do it but it’s like another job for them. It gets in the way. So, so many people want to know: What’s the one thing that if I just did that, everything else will take care of itself? Unfortunately, the only answer I have is not very satisfying. The one thing that you have to do is you have to do a whole bunch of stuff, a lot, because there’s no getting around it. Really effective marketing and then effective growth comes about from integrating a number of these things that we do. You can’t just do one thing. You can’t just rely on or disconnect social media as just this thing out there that you hire some teenager to do for you. I mean it all has to be working together to meet the same objectives and that’s why I feel the need to really talk about marketing as a system. Kind of my big idea if you will, is that that’s how any business, any marketer has to look at what they’re doing under the banner of marketing.

KV: Yeah, I don’t know why it is that we just feel like there is that magic bullet that we all know does not exist but we still somehow believe or hold on to that idea that we’ll find that one thing.

JJ: Well, and that’s why you see so many people, and again I know sometimes people just want to jump on the new things so that they can kind of feel like they’re out front, but you know every new Snapchat and Periscope and whatever new network will come up next week. People want to jump on those things because it feels like I’m really tired of doing this hard work over here, maybe this will be easy. This new thing will be easy and it just, you know, I hate to burst people’s bubble, but you know you build momentum and marketing by doing something that is strategy-based and you just do it over and over and over and over. …

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