SEO Tips – WordPress Web Design

SEO Tips – WordPress Web Design

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This web design video tutorial contains seo tips and writing guidelines to help your website get on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines.

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Transcript: SEO Tips • WordPress Web Design

I’m going to talk to you about the basic SEO guidelines that are going to help you get your content to the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing. When Google decides where to place your page in their search results they’re looking at over 200 different factors. Obviously theres not going to be 200 things you can do in regards to the wording an article to. Many of these factors have to do with completely other things on and off of your website. However, these basic writing guidelines have a huge impact on your rankings.

In this video Im using WordPress and odds are most of you will be using it as well. Even if you’re not using WordPress these strategies still apply. You can see I have one sentence already here. It says .. the text right here is pretty close to the average length that most sentences will be when you write a new article on your blog. For most types of writing you will have an average of 25 words per sentence and you’re going to have around 100 words per paragraph. This is just pretty much standard.

Search engines like to see at least 300 words at the bare minimum. So, you’re article at the very least should look like this. Now you might have heard people talking about keyword density and they spout off ridiculous percentages saying you need a density of 3 to 5 percent. The problem is you’re probably not wanting to rank for a single word. Your going to be using a keyword phrase consisting of several words. In this example, I would need to repeat my phrase 9 to 15 times. If we did something like that our article is going to be horrible. Nobody’s going to want to read it because it will basically be you repeating your keyword phrase over and over with a few random words mixed in. That’s called keyword spamming and search engines do not like that. I probably go with a 1 percent max density and I’ve had many pages land on the first page of Google.

I place a keyword in the first sentence. I place it again in the last sentence and then once or twice in the middle somewhere. You want your keyword phrase in the title. This is actually very important. So, make sure that you have it here. You also want it to appear somewhere in the url of the page. You want to separate words with a dash, not an underscore. Other words can follow it in the url. It doesn’t matter just as long as the key phrase is in there somewhere.

Headings play a big part in SEO. We want to use three types of heading .. the H1 the H2 and the H3. Headings define the flow of your article. The H1 is the most important piece of text. This is normally the title. Your article should be based on a single primary subject .. that means you only use the H1 once .. Now your wordpress theme should be designed to automatically make this title an H1 .. if it doesn’t this is something that you need to fix .. this means we shouldn’t use an H1 in the body text. Whats the first thing most people do? They throw a H1 in their body text .. don’t do that. Your first heading should be an H2 .. I generally only use the H2 once in an article. If it’s a really long article you might need to use it more than once. Finally we use the H3 for all the sub heading beneath the H2.


  • Derick Land Reply

    Thanks, I need to figure this stiff out hahah three blogs now and still no
    like. I guess learn by trial and error.

  • Randy McKown Reply

    yeah .. tons of trial and error LOL. It’s like ok that didn’t work so let’s
    try this. :) It also helps to keep posting regularly .. among other things.

  • Derick Land Reply

    I can only imagine haha Yeah it my third post and can still hardly find it,
    and I know the actual text. Is so funny I have watch so many videos about
    SEO, three day I did not even know the meaning. Do you think it has
    anything to do with using the free version of wordpress.???

  • punchout316 Reply

    Really great post. Learned I was one of those idiots that was adding an
    unneeded H1 tag in all my posts. lol But hey, at least I found this out now
    only 2 months in rather than after a year or more of posts. Anyway, thanks
    for the info on this

  • Randy McKown Reply

    LOL yeah a year or two later would suck.

  • Alan Lendrum Reply

    Thanks Randy used this to improve my website #aavehiclerecovery 

  • Unique SEO Tips Reply

    Great video tutorial about WordPress web design! These tips are necessary
    when one is making wprdpress blog. It needs to be responsive, optimized and
    needs fresh content for its website.

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