SEO Tips: Raising Your Ranking In Google

SEO Tips: Raising Your Ranking In Google

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Getting to the first search results on Google may seem intimidating, but it all depends on how you play your cards SEO wise. If you want to improve your ranking in Google this video is for you. Follow Egon’s best tips to get your website right on top.

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SEO and Google algorithm is constantly changing and nobody wants to get a penalty for doing the wrong thing. Thankfully we got your back, here are 5 up to date tips to make sure you stay on Google’s good side.

Tip one: select the right keyword and implement them throughout your content.

The basic foundation of SEO starts with the right keywords!

Ideally you want to rank for search terms that are high in volume, low in competition, and have a high relevancy around your area and your industry. Once you have this make sure you put them in your content, but no keyword stuffing!

Tip two: create shareable content.

If content is king, then backlinks are the queen. And one way to make sure you drastically improve your rankings is to attract incoming links from reputable websites.

Not are backlinks are created equal, and you want to make sure no spam or junk website shares your content. One technique to do this is to share your content through industry listings.

Tip three: post content regularly.

Updating your content regularly will make sure your relevancy stays high. Make sure you keep it fresh, so create a schedule or if you don’t have time, partner up with a guess blogger.

Tip four: use video to increase your ranking.

Google doesn’t prefer any video platform, but it does like that customers have a great interaction with your website. That’s where video comes in.

In fact, pages that include video are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page. Use this information to your advantage.

Tip five: mobile optimizations.

Google penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile devises by bumping down their search engine rankings. So make sure you keep your site mobile friendly.

So bottom line everyone! The better the user experience in your site, the better your rankings with Google. See you next time!

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