SEO Tips, Improving Anchor Text Linking

SEO Tips, Improving Anchor Text Linking

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Hello and welcome to Marketing Samurai’s Digital Marketing Tips. We’re here to teach you how to get more customers and scale your business.
I’m Lydia Ojuka, VP of Sales at Marketing Samurai and in today’s lesson, we’re going to cover search engine optimization, specifically improving your anchor text linking.
Anchor text refers to the words that are used in a link back to your site.
For example, if you had an ecommerce store selling puppy treats online, you’ll probably want to rank for the keyword “puppy treats”
In the old days, all you had to do was make sure that this keyword was in the anchor text that linked back to your site, resulting in high organic search rankings for that keyword.
However, Google recently penalized sites like this because they looked over-optimized and unnatural, resulting in an overnight drop in rankings for those sites.
So how can you make sure your anchor text links look natural?
Well there are five key points to understant. Let’s take a look at the same site with improved anchor text:
1. The first way is to use variations of the keyword you’re looking to rank for
2. The second is to use brand names
3. The third is to use website URLs
4. The fourth is to use generic terms like
5. When you do use your keyword, make sure this is on the highest authority site
So there you go. Use this to recapture some of that lost organic traffic and rise back up the rankings again.
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