Seo Tips : How to Perfectly On page optimization

Seo Tips : How to Perfectly On page optimization

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Seo Tips : How to Perfectly On page optimize mp4

How to perfectly on page optimize ?

In 2017 have a great change in case of SEO.
Best 32 seo tips support by Backlinko.
Given below:

1. Add LSI Keywords to Your Content
2. Add Text Content To Infographic-Based Blog Posts
3. Create Unique Titles for Each Page (Seriously)
4. Embed Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags
5. Experiment With Using ONLY Your Keyword in Your URL
6. Focus On Insanely Actionable Content
7. Forget Keyword Density. Focus on Keyword Frequency
8. Have a Privacy Policy and Terms Page
9. Include Keyword Synonyms in H1 and H2 Tags
10. Keep Your Title Tag Under (Approximately) 60 Characters
11. Make Social Sharing Buttons Super-Easy to Find
12. Optimize E-commerce Product Pages Like Blog Posts
13. Optimize Your Homepage For Conversions (And Your Brand Name)
14. Publish Long Content
15. Put Your Keyword Early In Your Title Tag
16. Relaunch Old Content
17. Replace “Published On” Dates with “Last Updated”
18. Take Advantage of Internal Linking
19. Update Old Content
20. Use “Jump Links” To Get Sitelinks
21. Use Google Search Console to Find Title Tag Issues
22. Use Lots of Images
23. Use Numbered Lists to Increase The Odds of Getting in The Knowledge Graph
24. Use Outbound Links
25. Use Schema to Boost CTR (But Be Careful)
26. Use Short URLs
27. Use This To Get Longer (4-Line) Description Tags
28. Use Title Tag Modifiers
29. Use Your Keyword In Your First 100 Words
30. Want More Shares? Use Click To Tweet Buttons
31. Write Content That Covers a Topic In-Depth
32. Write Image Alt Text Like a Caption.

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