SEO Tips How To Find The Best Keywords

SEO Tips How To Find The Best Keywords

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Thank you for watching this SEO Tips video from Shimmer Technologies. ( I will be showing you how to find the best keywords for your website. It uses 4 Factors, The number of searches, the number of sites in Google, the competition, and the Keyword Effectiveness or (KEI). We will enter this information into a spreadsheet to find the best keywords.

The Keyword Planner ( We will copy all of the keywords and paste them into the keyword planner where it says “Get Search Volume for a List of Keywords or group them into ad groups”.

Change targeting to Google and Search Partners to great a broader search scope. Export the results to a spreadsheet by clicking download, choosing excel CSV, and download. Copy and paste the information into our spreadsheet we have created.

To get number of sites we will do a search for each keyword using a depersonalized Google search .

Copy the number of the Google search result for each keyword and paste it into the spreadsheet. Use the KEI formula to find the keyword effectiveness index of each.

KEI = Monthly Searches ^ 2 / # of Google Indexed Sites or search results.

Sort all searches, then highlight and bold all between 2000 to 50000, these are the best searches. Sort all indexed site numbers, then highlight and bold all 35,000,000 or less, the least amount of indexed sites is best. Sort all competition ratings, then highlight and bold all that are .6 or less, the least amount of competition is best. Sort all KEIs, then highlight and bold all KEIs .6 and above, the highest number is the better rating.

Then we will count all of our bold highlights for each keyword and enter it into our rating column, this is our keyword score.

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