Seo Tips Guaranteed Method – 1st Position in Google With Proofs Forget doing Seo and linkbuilding

Seo Tips Guaranteed Method – 1st Position in Google With Proofs Forget doing Seo and linkbuilding

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Hi, I am talking about a serious stuff here , if you are in internet marketing business, or just have some website then this video is for you and you must watch it because, it really matters.

I am talking about a new method of doing seo, as you all know that Google keep updating its algorithm and all seo works vanished, in this situation, we are just loosing hundreds of dollars every month, simple thing is that Google just dont like seos work.
Why we do search engine optimization?
Let me tell you that how search results are positioned in Google,
apart from seo we do there is one another aspect that influence website positions for particular keywords, in Google search results and that is thousands of searches done every day yes google takes these searches seriously and top seos know this, but they dont disclose it at all believe me they would not tell you this secret. and you know why.

ok tell me, Do you think that website are positioned in top pages ,just because you have many backlinks and those backlinks have keywords as anchor text, yes it may influence but only up to 1-15% according to quality of backlinks and importance of those backlinks in Googles eye. Believe me 90% backlink that you create never got indexed.

you know that google keeps updating things and these backlinks become just waste after each update that google make,. What else remains now, onpage seos Yes it also have its own value but only limited 20%, next is the content of you website believe me or not if your content is not good then just drop the idea of seeing your site on top pages so still content is the king and will remain , and this thing is never ever gona change.
But content hardly plays much role in website positioning for a keywrod in search results, but it plays 100% role in deciding for which keyword you site will appear in google, so your content must have resemblance with your keywords you are targeting.
You cant rank for keyword top seo for example while your content is based on niche weight loss, its that simple :), yes. so back links, link building, on page seo these three give only 15+20 means total of 35% but what about remaining 65% , yes you are right 65% search results are influenced by Organic search visits.
So if you site is getting hits for the keyword for which your site is listed in google ,then your site will be positioned in top pages. But wait wait wait, how your site will get these organic hits, if it is not in top 10 pages no body go and hit your site for the keyword they type.

Either your site needs to be in top 10 pages to get real traffic from google. OR you need to make efforts to bring your site under fist 10pages.

This is where our software will help you in getting organic keyword search visits to your site and all hits are visible and validated in Google analytics. Our software will Type in the keyword in Google and search for your website and visit just like any human being would do.
If you really want to see your site in top pages then you must visit us for more info.

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