SEO Tips – Get organic 80% Google Traffic from USA Visitors!!

SEO Tips – Get organic 80% Google Traffic from USA Visitors!!

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SEO Tips: Get Organic Google traffic from USA Visitors

Hello, I am Monjur Samir. Today I’m going to share with you get organic Google traffic from USA/UK/CANADA visitors.

Just Follow 6 simple Magic Tricks.

Method: 1# Use Google Webmaster Tools with USA gmail address and must be gmail account opened using us ip Address.

Method: 2# Visit – after bring verified of your site. Then on setting pages – Go to geographic target Location and to pick United States.

Method: 3# Similarly configure your Bing webmaster tool and setting option select Geo-targeting and chose your domain United States.

Method: 4″ Use Google Place, Bing Place and us/uk citation source.,

Method: 5# Use us Local listing and us/american classified site. Example: etc.

Step: 5# Host your website or blog on a us server. Its one of most facts to get country based traffice web visitors.

Step:6# Get credible backlinks from usa source website. Such as: etc.

After applying above 6 simple method for you blog or website Just wait 7-12 days. You will get Massive traffice. 100% Gurantree. Its my 5 years SEO experience Formula.

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