SEO Tips for Photographers 2014

SEO Tips for Photographers 2014

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2014 is looking to be the year for major SEO changes. Keywords are still important, but now emphasis is being put back on the website rather than external sources. Social media, specifically Google+, is going to play a bigger role and directory sites are going to be your new best friend.

***Excuse the rookie commentary. Video was shot on a whim.***


  • Joe Martin Reply

    Would it be better to use a DIF ALT tag then the name of the photo or would
    it be better to have the same name for the photo and the ALT tag thanks for
    the great video 

  • Trent Sprenkle Reply

    “I don’t get many hits to my website…” I’m taking notes as I’m listening
    to the video, and you state this! If you don’t get many hits then what’s
    the point of this video? Maybe you could clarify this? It all sounds like
    good info though. 

  • Allison Mayer Reply

    Can you expand on what happened with your address and the local listing?
    I’m confused. I don’t use google places because my business is
    International…. but a lot of friends and clients do. So you can’t have
    your address somewhere? Is that what you were saying? Or you are supposed
    to but you didn’t?

  • ro22ss Reply

    Google pushed google+ on us all here on YouTube in 2014, but sad that they
    are forcing it on us. We are all google slaves. As long as they are #1 we
    can’t no follow their bidding. Ryon your information is fantastic. Well
    stated, thorough and very in depth. Thanks!

  • Christopher O'Grady Reply

    Your room is very messy :-)

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