SEO tips for mobile devices (DGS3 Recap)

SEO tips for mobile devices (DGS3 Recap)

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SEO tips for mobile devices

Speed is a large component of SEO for mobile devices. While lots of video and image content can enrich the user experience, it can be too heavy for mobile, and thus be counterproductive in the long run. – Jonathan Renteria
There are three kinds of code for mobile websites:
Responsive – this code understands how to adjust itself to a mobile screen.
Dynamic – This has 2 different code bases for mobile vs. desktop, and can offer completely different user experiences based on the device type.
M. – This is similar to a dynamic coded site, but it tells Google that this codes is created expressly for mobile devices. – Eric Wu

Typically, I don’t recommend M. I prefer to use the same url for mobile and desktop viewing for SEO purposes. Dynamic code can cause problems as Google maps over from the desktop code to the mobile device. – Eric Wu
Although Google recommends Responsive design, it is not right for every site. Depending on the type of content that you want to display, a mobile user may have completely different needs from your website than a desktop user. For this reason, sometimes a Dynamic site is preferable. – Eric Wu

If your website is also available on a mobile app platform, you can direct your SEO company to request that Google offer to open content in that app, in addition to listing your webpages in results. The app will offer the user a much richer experience, but Google does not automatically offer the app in search results. – Eric Wu
Mobile Search has surpassed desktop search and the gap is likely to continue to widen. It is critical for those of us who work in SEO to think of and continue to cater to that experience. – Matt Young

You need to put a lot of SEO emphasis on mobile. That is where the search traffic is moving. – Adam Piotrowski
Amazon Cognito allows you to marry the data from a mobile user with their desktop data so that you can understand the complete customer journey. This will allow you to construct the messaging that you need for that customer at the moment that they need it.

Mobile SEO is about leveraging micro-moments. You have to provide the mobile user with the information that they need, at the moment that they want it, because they are not going to take the time to seek it out otherwise. – Eric Wu

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