SEO Tips for Beginners – SEO Images and “Alt Text”

SEO Tips for Beginners – SEO Images and “Alt Text”

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Understanding SEO can be complicated at first. We have provided SEO Tips for beginners who want to understand how to SEO images and “Alt Text”. This short video and description will break it down quickly for you. It is important to SEO images when attaching an image to a blog post or website. Because search engines do not actually “view” your images, they gather information about it by the content that you provide in the title, description, Alt Text, and tags. Think of it as a way to describe the image to someone over the phone who is not able to see the image. Follow these SEO best practices next time you are including an image in your content.

1) Save your image file using a keyword/keyword phrase starting at your desktop. Never just upload a file with random name like “pic 234” or “image 1” – instead name it “Cute pink jacket for girls”

2) Save your file in .png format – this is best for your website and load time

3)Alt Attribute – should be used to describe whatever is in the pic. If it is of a pink jacket you should describe it as “cute pink jacket for girls”

4) Title Attribute – should be used when the image is a hyperlink to another page. The title attribute should explain what will happen when the image is clicked. (example: If the image gets larger then the title attribute should read: View a larger version of the cute pink jacket for girls)

5) Make sure your Alt Attributes are unique – Just like your blog titles and descriptions. Variation = traffic, so make it interesting and specific to the content your are describing

6) Rule of thumb = keep your Alt text to 16 words and under (not limited by characters) **This is the text that shows up in search engine results pages as a description when someone is looking for content that matches your keywords/phrases used to describe your images)

7) Write your descriptions in a way that makes sense. Don’t just keyword stuff the descriptions.

I hope this information helps my SEO beginners. Remember you don’t have to understand everything about this process – just understand the basics so that people can find your content! The more you do it, the more sense it will make. Good luck and if this video was helpful please give us a thumbs up and pop over to our blog to say hello!

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