SEO TIPS: Avoiding Accidental WordPress Duplicate Content

SEO TIPS: Avoiding Accidental WordPress Duplicate Content

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SEO TIPS: WordPress duplicate content can be a real problem if you don’t how WordPress organizes your data through taxonomies and pagination. So in this lesson I will explain in plain English how WordPress’ handy features could be silently causing duplicate content problems. To see the entire free lesson go to


  • John Midshipman Reply

    I learned more from watching this video, than I did from a class I took
    last Fall. Thank you, Derek.

  • Bluemooner Channel Reply

    I have a WordPress blog that I just started and now I know how to avoid
    creating duplicate content. Awesome!

  • Monica Davis Reply

    Word press can be a problem sometimes

  • Charlene Littleton Reply

    I love this crash course.

  • LorisSchumer Reply

    OMG, thanks for the heads up Derek!

  • Amber Hamging Reply

    I have already had problems with WP and duplicates. Thanks for the advice.

  • City Life Sam Reply

    Yes, I had my full post, so just put a summary.

  • Lizha On Fire Reply

    WordPress is more complicated then it looks.

  • AlizaViscardi Reply

    I use WordPress for my blogs and I must say your info was especially
    important to a person that uses it often like me.

  • Mike Royce Reply

    I do have big blogs, I am not wondering if I have dups out there.

  • NorikoBannan Reply

    Derek you tips are always so good. You turning me into a smarter online
    business owner.

  • Energy for 2morrow Reply

    Going to the site for my free lesson,I’m too confused. lol

  • OmegaGarbacz Reply

    Never heard of taxonomies, but now I now understand they are the cats or
    tags. I have made duplicates before not once but a couple times. .

  • Michelle parks Reply

    Derek U are the man!

  • Manny Hernandez Reply

    Oh, now I get it Derek. Good video

  • Chanel Livingston Reply

    I do a major fashion blog and I am so glad you explained the taxonomies and
    what they were and how to avoid the dreaded duplicate content.

  • VilleDaCrosS Reply

    WordPress was always hard to navigate for me. This does help

  • Timica Willard Reply

    Ok, so the key is not putting your full post into categories because that
    is what causes the duplicates in the first place.

  • Steven Harris Reply

    Timica, that right because the categories are only for summaries not full

  • ArgeliaPeeks Reply

    I watch all your videos Derek. So let me get this straight. Taxonomies
    automatically organize content and make it easy to find?

  • Chad Morris Reply

    Some of the best SEO tips on Youtube!

  • Ali Brown Reply

    Hi Derek, My question is, I have a theme that creates excerpts
    automatically, do I need manual excerpt creation in category posting? Thank
    you for your great efforts and attention to very vital issue about
    duplicate content. I have posted this question on your blog also.

  • audrey ang Reply

    Thank you so much!!

  • Aussie Biz Reviews Reply

    Thanks for sharing the tip for removing the duplicate content from blogs.


    Thanks for sharing information with us. Always is good to tell someone if
    you know something.

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