SEO Tips and Tricks: Keyword Researcher PRO Review

SEO Tips and Tricks: Keyword Researcher PRO Review

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SEO Tips and Tricks with Keyword Researcher PRO
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Keyword Researcher PRO by Clevergizmos is regarded as the finest keyword tool in 2015 not only by yours truly but by many other experts .. go ahead and read the testimonials or yet better.. try it and perhaps buy it (with a 30 day warranty|with a 30 day money back guarantee} yourself.

Keyword Researcher PRO is designed to optimize your entire Keyword Research, Selection, Strategy and Management process.. again.. it is a vital software program utilized simply by a lot of experts (like myself) who state that they can’t do without this impressive search scraper slahs long tail keywords tool .. which is obtainable right now against a incredibly inexpensive price and superb user help support !

Keyword Researcher PRO is used as marketing project management software, as marketing campaign management software by many search engine marketing agencies worldwide that are involved in search engine optimization marketing like

Step 1. Import CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner.

The free Google Keyword Planner is great since it produces an un-ending supply of great keywords from which you can create content on your website. But there’s a problem. If you’ve ever actually sat down and tried to arrange these CSV files into a viable content strategy, then it becomes clear very fast how difficult the task is.

Keyword Researcher has been specifically designed to manage the Google exported CSV files for you. It imports the Google data and displays the goods elegantly in a clean, minimalistic interface that is very easy to use and is therefor very time saving seo software.

Step 2. Filter and Separate the good keywords from the bad keywords.

Once you have imported a few thousand keywords from Google, then you decide which ones you are going to pursue.

Keyword Researcher has sophisticated sorting, searching, and categorization tools that are designed to help you filter and sort out the keywords that you don’t need. You will be able to manage the keywords that you would like to target. Keyword Researcher Pro is the only software available on the market that is developed for this purpose.

Step 3. Assign your keywords to article groups.

Your ultimate goal is of course the creation of search engine optimized website content. With Keyword Researcher Pro you can assign and include keyword phrases and long-tail keywords to logical article groups that you create as content resources. These keyword phrases are optimized and organized in Keyword Researcher Pro so search engine can index your website and direct visitors to your website.

Keyword Researcher enables you to create and manage Keyword Categories, Keyword-rich Articles with targeted keyword phrases, meta information and keyword rich url’s. Assigning keywords has never been easier because you simply drag the keyword over to the article group (see video).

Step 4. Create SEO Optimized Web Content.

Once you finally know figured out which keywords you would like to use in your content strategy then all you need to do is actually write your article. In SEO, we distribute or scatter the targetted keywords to various locations in the article content.

Keyword Researcher PRO examines your content while you type with a great user interface that allows you to see the keywords in changing colors.

5. Export your content directly to WordPress.

You can write a batch of articles for your website and then easily publish your content (article-by-article) to your website. Keyword Researcher PRO has a integrated native WordPress XML exporter so you can import your articles straight into your WordPress database.

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1 Comment

  • Theo Caspers Reply

    Keyword Researcher PRO by Clevergizmos is regarded as the BEST keyword tool
    in 2015 not only by yours truly but by many other experts .. go ahead and
    read the testimonials or yet better.. try it and perhaps buy it with a 30
    day money back guarantee yourself.

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