SEO Tips – 5 Tips To Get Ranked On Google Fast

SEO Tips – 5 Tips To Get Ranked On Google Fast

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In this SEO Tips video I am going to share 5 Tips To Get Ranked On Google Fast.

The tips I am sharing in this video I learned from Neil Patel, who is one of the most influential bloggers right now. You can know more about Neil here:

This tips will help you with how to be number one on google combined with proper backlinking and other SEO strategies.

Tip #1: You want your content to be at least 1000 word, better 2000+ words.
Tip #2: You want to have maximum of 1x of H1, 2x of H2 and 3x of H3 in your article.
Tip #3: Keyword no more than 1 %
Tip #4: Only one bold at the beginning of the post and that’s the KEYWORD
Tip # 5: Linkings in to other relevant sites and pages

00:30 Tip One
01:32 Tip Two
02:36 Tip Three
03:16 Tip Four
04:53 Tip Five

Here are some other tips on how to get at the top of a google search:

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