SEO Tips 2014: How To Get More Authoritative Inbound Links

SEO Tips 2014: How To Get More Authoritative Inbound Links

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SEO Tips 2014: In this SEO marketing video, Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting shows you how to get more authoritative inbound links to your website and get more website traffic.

What is a an inbound link?
An inbound link is when another website links to your website. This has the most ‘SEO Juice’ and can really increase your SEO rankings.

What are Authoritative Inbound Links?
Authoritative Inbound Links are inbounds links that come from good, reputable websites (e.g. BBC News, Mashable etc). But they don’t have to be giant famous websites. Any website that gets a decent amount of traffic and is in good-standing with Google can be classes as a reputable/authoritative site.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 inbound links.

How many of them are Authoritative?

How To Get More Authoritative Inbound Links:
1. Create a hit list of reputable sites that you would love to get links from. Engage with them on social media and get on their radar. Create a relationship with them.

2. Create Excellent content
It’s not enough to just create any old piece of content. You need to create content that is worth getting noticed for – there’s a difference. The big hitters in your industry are not going to link to you just for any average bit of content. They will link to you if your content is excellent, different and stands out from the crowd.

By doing these two things, you will develop good relationships with big influencers and they will start to link to you when appropriate.

Haroon Rashid is the Head of Marketing at Khemeia Consulting. We make Digital Marketing simple, straight forward and fun!

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