SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin

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SEO TIP: There are lots of different WordPress Plugins to helped with on-page optimization ranging in price for to like EasyWPSeo and SEOPressor but the good news is you can almost all of the same functionality for free using the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress. In this video I will give you a quick tour of this powerful free tool and for the complete less plus more info go to


  • triciasyable Reply

    Do you know how can I transfer my blogger blog to wordpress?

  • misamiho1 Reply

    Well explained mate. Kudos to your channel

  • charrytrini Reply

    I heard a lot of good things about this Yoast SEO Plugins

  • wilma jayco Reply

    If this thing will now work aside on wordpress. I think there are other
    plugins out there.

  • buffalosoldiaz Reply

    Derek Gehl is one of the SEO masters. I always follow his methods

  • sonnyboyis Reply

    Keep the hard work Derek!

  • nonabover Reply

    I am a little lost.

  • Maurice Rösner Reply


  • tester5252 Reply

    This makes sense Derek.

  • tonybedrosian2 Reply

    ugh, hate this ground work , I need a SEO wizard.

  • LyricsUploaderPro Reply

    I cant do this manually. I need help.

  • dieps3kings Reply

    This is a awesome plug in

  • rapnummer1 Reply

    Meta decription? I need to watch this again.

  • xLethalSnipez Reply

    TY Derek

  • RAGHU SEO Reply

    how to add alt tags

  • Spook SEO Reply

    I enjoyed listening and watching your videos very educating. Main keywords
    and meta description are the basics to start with and followed by a content
    that is unique and with quality. Then do some outreach for guest posting
    and commenting to do backlinking.

  • Sam Stewart Reply

    I have yoast premium seo and video seo-you have a better then average
    video- . BUT you like ALL the others ignore the reading ease button- When
    I get a green light on the reading ease my page rank moves up- period. WHY
    does EVERYONE ignore this button? Goggle wants plain english and using
    plain english is the ONLY way you will get a 70 (green light) on reading
    ease. Why will NO ONE talk about this?

  • YRD Reply

    Yoast no longer has the generate seo title, right?

  • Erwin Boyones Reply

    Thanks for sharing this concise lesson about this plugin Mr. Gehl!
    You have my thumbs up for it :)

  • Hermawan firdiansyah Reply

    Thanks for your tutorial
    Permit to download this one, please

  • Farah Rahim Reply

    Thanks for the tips Derek!

  • justus muberuka Reply

    can u have 2 SEO plugins at the same time

  • William Michaeli Reply

    Having a bit of trouble with Yoast SEO. I’ve done my best to hit
    everything that Yoast wants me to but it still shows red for almost
    everything that I know I’ve hit. I don’t know if it’s something in my
    settings or what but it’s getting annoying. Any advise on what I might be
    missing or what options are turned off by default that should be turned on?

  • MintEEV Reply

    Dude your intro is way too long!

  • Dancing Panda Marketing Reply

    Just found a decent tutorial for the Yoast SEO plugin at

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