SEO Tip Of The Day (10): Content Streamlining

SEO Tip Of The Day (10): Content Streamlining

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What is up there, SEO pros? How are you guys doing today?

All right. So today, we’re covering streamlining your content. I do this for clients and I also do this for my own stuff and today what we’re using is something called Pitchbox. You can use whatever you want, as long as you’re outreaching to people. So with Pitchbox, you can go and find keywords associated with certain articles that you’re going for.

So if we wanted to go for instance for something like “beginner fishing tips for 2017,” we could go out and email anybody with a website associated with fishing tips or fishing and ask them for their top tip around beginner fishing tips.

Now I actually did this and I did a case study and we were able to get somebody to rank number one for beginner fishing tips right here and get them featured in the knowledge graph. So they’re getting a lot of traffic from this and this was all from automated outreach which is what we’re doing for other clients right now as well.

So you can see this is the beginning of the article and then these are just the different tips with links to the people. Now the reason why people are so likely to contribute to this is because generally if you can say that you’re going to link back to them, they will be likely to leave a tip because people want links.

So you can see right here this is one that I did for myself. So if I click into here and then I go to inbox, these are all the different people who have messaged me back and basically all I said was hey – well, actually, I will show you my templates. So if we go into Campaigns and then we go to here and templates and here – and I think I actually have a tutorial on how I set this stuff up. But you will see this actually pulls their information from their sites, which is pretty cool.

So you will see it says – if opportunity is found on – there’s a certain URL. Use that URL. So basically it puts their site in their – and then else [0:02:02] [Phonetic], if they have a blog name, put their blog name and then if they have a first name. Like if it’s able to find this information. Pitchbox can go out and find this information which is really cool. Then I have other if-then statements. But I will show you what it looks like with all the names in there. So the blog name will just say “SEO Blog”. We will say the first name is SEO Guy and the opportunity URL found on

So that’s what it looks like. So subject,, SEO Blog, SEO Guy. The reason why you want this stuff to change is you don’t want to send the same email out from your server over and over again. Otherwise, you will start to get those emails blocked.

So hi SEO Guy. My name is Chase Reiner. Here’s my Facebook profile, if you like to find out more about me. I know you’re incredibly busy. So I will be quick. I’m currently putting together a list of my – tips on my site around underutilized white hat SEO techniques for 2017 and then that’s a link to the actual article.

I already have over 10,000 words and over 60 tips with contributors such as Bill Slawski and Alan Bleiweiss. The post is already ranking, yada, yada. So that’s pretty much it. You just want to make sure you include the CAN-SPAM Act, so you can’t get in trouble. Then that’s how you do that and then I just send out the emails to people based on certain keywords. So this will go and find. So if I go here, these are all the keywords it’s pulling or websites it’s pulling from the searches with certain keywords.

So if I go under here and I look at – let’s say I will just do like SEO tactics or something. It will go and give me ideas and what I can do is I can just start adding these to the list and this will find all the sites talking about this stuff, which is really cool, because now I have basically scraped a list of URLs, which it will go and find these people’s names or emails, social media profiles. It will even show like certain things like their Klout score and what not if you want to find that.

What you do is once you get this list put together, it’s basically free content. You just put on your site and then you just tell these people, hey look, this is what we did. If you want to share it, here’s a share button and then if you want to link to it, feel free to link to it.

That’s how you can start getting links as well, which is really cool. So this method works really well. We’re doing it for multiple clients. I’m also doing it for like the insurance website. We’re going to be doing it for Well Scent which is the holistic central oil apothecary. I can’t pronounce that last word, that we’re working with. We’re going to do a top list for them as well.

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