SEO Tip #1 – Don’t write content around a keyword.

SEO Tip #1 – Don’t write content around a keyword.

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SEO 2013 & Beyond on Amazon:

Over the years, webmasters have looked for ways to rank in Google for specific keyword phrases. The most popular method was to search for high demand, low competition phrases and write an article around that phrase. Post-Panda and post-Penguin, this type of approach will get your site penalized.

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  • SUDUNG MAC Reply

    Thanks for nice info 😀

  • skdllf Reply

    Useful. Cheers

  • Spook SEO Reply

    Thanks for the video Andy! I’d like to add that when SEOing, it’s important
    that you consider the relevancy of the site that you’ll be linking with.
    You also need to emphasize the quality of your content (making sure that it
    is shareable). With how social signals are now considered as ranking
    factors in Google, having your contents shared on social media platforms
    will do you tons of good!

  • Jyoti wadhwa Reply

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hewlett Packard Reply

    Thanks for sharing Andy. It’s really very useful.

  • Arman Malik Reply

    Hi Andy, I clearly understand that building a content for bots is not good.
    What if i have write a content naturally (content which make sense to the
    user) and include a keyword serveral times. Is it a good practise?

  • Andy Williams Reply

    Not any more, UNLESS it makes perfect grammatical sense to do so. Write for
    your visitors, not the search engines. If you read through a piece of
    content and recognise words or phrases that are only there for the search
    engines, remove them.

  • Hannes Brenner Reply

    Very helpful, thank you

  • Krasimir Krastev Reply

    This video is not about SEO,don’t waste your time!The person just want to
    advertise his script.

  • Abhishek Dhote Reply

    Waste of time not about SEO

  • Lawrence Stainbank Reply

    Interesting Video. I find that a maximum keyword density of 1% is best and
    no embolding.

  • Bill Wood Reply

    Kid is a fake. He bought all his seo from the site *SPEEDRANKSEO. com*

  • Lanford Everill Reply

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