SEO for Photographers in 2017

SEO for Photographers in 2017

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SEO for Photographers in 2017: As photographers plan for the future of their SEO, there are trends and changes in Google that should be paid attention to.

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In this video we cover search trends in Google that affect SEO. We cover the importance of mobile optimization for photographers in 2017. We also cover recent penguin updates and it’s importance to links photographers acquire. We cover the growing importance of reviews. Finally we cover general tips photographers can take to prepare for SEO in 2017.

What’s change for 2017:
Optimize For User Intent & Semantic Search, Not Keywords (7:09)
Reviews Gain Importance
Penguin Rolling Updates

Action Steps For Photographers:
Set Up a Blogging Calendar
Answer Your Client’s Questions
Optimize Mobile For Google and Conversions
Get Reviews
Make Sure Your OnPage SEO is Up To Code

Helpful Links for Photographers As They Plan their SEO Strategy For 2017:
Google’s Recommendations on Hiring an SEO –
Pinterest SEO For Photographers (Webinar: 2 Hours) –
Blog Idea Generator –
Blog Idea (Social) –
Free Website Audit For Photographers –
SEO Services For Photographers –
Google Search Console –
Google Analytics –
Google Mobile Friendly Test –
Google Page Speed Test –
Video: 10X Content (Moz) –
Beginner Guide to SEO –
MozBar (Chrome Extension) –

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