SEO For 2014

SEO For 2014

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BuyTheClient.Com explains the five factors that affect your rankings on search engines, part of our How-To Video Series on improving your organic rankings on Google. See the rest of the series at:


  • Steve Shepard Reply

  • BTC Marketing Reply

    The five keys to SEO for 2014.

  • denzelswifey86 Reply

    Good info thank you

  • Duratex UK Rubber & Plastics Ltd Reply

    Great info Steve, thanks for the video. You say that all the social media
    profiles should point to Google+, but how is it best to do this? Is placing
    a link sufficient, or should the accounts be linked together in Google+

  • Rap beats & Instrumentals Real Beatz Reply


  • What are ways to make money online Reply

    How-To Video Series on improving your organic rankings on Google.

  • Agence web Reply

  • Beret Kirkeby Reply

    we have been using google plus here for a while now, collecting reviews and
    posting, our competitors don’t even have google plus pages mostly and if
    they do they do not use them, but we really have not seen an increase in
    any rankings. Thoughts?

  • candy javier sakai Reply

    This is a big help for photographers just like Me.I hope evrybody will view
    this.Time to learn things in a proper way.

  • microworker 1994 Reply

    Many websites get all their active traffics from using -> *SPEEDRANKSEO.

  • Aussie Biz Reviews Reply

    Good emphasis on natural linking and many other must do’s for boosting
    ranking. Must watch.

  • Traffic Jolt Reply

    How to improve your Search Engine visibility in moderately easy steps.

  • Kevin Hogendoorn Reply

    Thanks for this useful information!

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