SEO Copywriter Tips

SEO Copywriter Tips

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  • AnnaLoveYTnotTV Reply

    that was AWESOME! i subscribed and cant wait for more!

  • HurricaneWTF Reply


  • Brian Woosley Reply

    Hihi, awesome video! I would like to see more coming!

  • Anthony Rios Aho Reply

    You r a genius im gonna subscribe!!!!!!!!!!

  • skyblocks Reply


  • kkk Reply

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    it). My coworker says it makes people plenty of cold hard cash.

  • Joe Rogers Reply

    I have studied SEO for over 3 years and its actually very simple when you
    understand how it works, the trouble is that a lot of people are trying to
    “cheat” the system by using bad low quality services that promise backlinks
    etc, DO NOT ever use these services, the main factors to a good SEO
    Strategy are : Persistence, Consistency & Quality Content. I teach other
    people what I have learned in a very simple to understand way, more
    information on my YouTube channel.

  • Andrew Kelly Reply

    Hey Joe, totally agree with what your saying. Like your self i have been in
    SEO for a number of years too.

  • Spook SEO Reply

    Finding something like this on YouTube is just priceless. I have never
    thought that there will be so much more to copywriting than the basic spell
    and grammar checks. Thank s because you have enlightened me a lot. I must
    admit that content is the first thing that people look in your website. If
    you have a messed up one, then, do not expect them to come back.

  • Miron Gheorghe Reply

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  • Marija Lovric Reply

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  • Žika Obretković Reply

    Wow! good job! My website rank went from 109 to 5 in just 9 days. All I use

  • Kyle Hampson Reply

    Well stated, very true. This video is very helpful for me. Thank you. By
    the way I utilize youtube to drive more visitors to my site since I’m a
    video marketer. Do you want to learn how? Please go to my channel and find
    out more information regarding how you can harness youtube in order to
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