Senior Internet Marketing Coach Reveals Proven Lead Generation Strategies.

Senior Internet Marketing Coach Reveals Proven Lead Generation Strategies.

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Internet Marketing Coach Andrew Edwards reveals proven lead generation strategies in this powerful presentation to a group of small to medium businesses.

Welcome everybody we are just going to go through two main subjects this evening first one is going to be search engine optimization and second one is going to be social media. This is about how you can get more leads more phone calls drive people into your offline, those if you have one as well as obviously get email inquiries .

0:25 – SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) Tactics to increase visitors & qualified leads
0:45 – Duplicate Content – Disadvantages of duplicate content for Google rankings
1:00 – On Page Optimisation – What you must know about your competitors
1:14 – Keyword Research – What is the demand for your product online?
1:23 – Website Loading Time – Does Your Website Load In This Minimum Time to Not Lose Prospects?
1:48 – Twitter Marketing – Is it a waste of time or a lead generator?
1:55 – Facebook Marketing – Grow Your Audience and your profits the smart way
2:13 – Pinterest Marketing – Why is the one of the most effective tools in Social Media?

There still are thousands of companies who offer specific Seo packages search engine optimization packages to get you found on Google. Well I promise you most of those practices are out of date. There are some good people out there but the vast majority are using tactics that disappeared with Google like five years ago.

So duplicate content are something that Google absolutely hate. Off page optimization is a huge subject, literally a one day seminar at a minimum. The on page optimization you have to understand what your competitors are doing and when you are going to do that with the help of someone like us who has tools to not only get that information but then to interpret that information.

The keyword research is absolutely the beginning. So it’s about relevance it’s about targeting but you have got literally no more than three seconds to make your whole website load and I promise you that vast majority of websites do not load under three seconds. Every second after the first second a website loads you lose 7 % of leads in sales.

But the vast majority of businesses tell me this is a complete waste of time why would I want to do twitter, however this is actually one of the quickest ways to get leads if you actually have a strategy that you could follow through.

Facebook pay per click yes it’s not effective in my opinion as Google search but it absolutely has it’s place for building your database , give something away for free electronically, send people to that offer get their first name and email get them off to social media as fast as possible.

So Pinterest is all about graphics. It is actually one of the most direct ways to get people to your blog the most direct way to get people to your website because when they click the image they have left Pinterest and really just make it a more compelling experience to get them to click through so this all about getting people to click through.

And if there is one thing about social media it’s all about building audience and you need to do it at the beginning don’t worry it’s going to take a while and if you don’t have an audience you don’t have a business.

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