SeneGence Distributor Training – Selling SeneGence Products Online – SeneGence International Tips

SeneGence Distributor Training – Selling SeneGence Products Online – SeneGence International Tips

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SeneGence Distributor Training – How To Sell SeneGence Products Online – Ascending The Senegence Ranks

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In this training video you will learn how to become a senegence distributor top earner by leveraging the power of the internet to generate leads for your senegence international business. The company offers a very generous distributor compensation plan in the direct sales industry. You earn with the senegence compensation plan in the following ways: Earn profits from retail sales of the senegence products. It all begins with the demonstration you give and the choice for a prospect to become a customer or become a senegence independent distributor on your team. If they choose to become a customer you earn sales income on purchases and reorders. If they choose to go with the fast start senegence distributor kit you earn commission income from growth in your downline and group sales volume bonuses. The senegence distributor discount comes in the form of wholesale pricing. Distributors purchase inventory directly from the company at a discount ranging from 20% to 50% depending on order size and frequency of purchase. You then promote senegence products to end consumers at a profit. The difference between wholesale purchase price and retail price when sold by you to the end consumer is your profit margin with senegence international.

If you don’t wish to store inventory with senegence international and instead want to focus more on recruiting and selling products online for your senegence business opportunity you can use the customer direct order (CDO) program. You can place an order for your customer from the site and have it shipped directly to them. Your sales and commission earnings are made available inside your SeneCash account. Your senegence commission is earned through your downline and group sales volume (GSV) bonus. You can earn up to five levels deep in the senegence compensation plan when you qualify and move up the senegence levels in the pay plan. To receive recruiting senegence downline commission you must place at least a 300 PV product order within that calendar month.

The levels of senegence compensation plan has no ‘breakage’ which means you can grow your downline year after year with sponsoring and providing new distributor kit senegence training to your new independent distributors without a decrease in commissions from those that may exceed your own sales volume. The more you help your team succeed with marketing and recruiting the more you will climb the senegence distributor levels for maximum profit. Provide training that helps them get off to a fast start with the senegence starter kit. A great way to create community, build relationships and create social proof with senegence international is to have a simple facebook group for your team where your team can mastermind, share marketing materials and marketing strategies that are working to ascend the senegence distributor ranks and increase downline commission earnings. This creates a tribe vibe and allows everyone to benefit from each others success while acting as a archive for testimonials with the senegence car program qualification bonus. Those that do not wish to become a distributor but love free stuff will be open to earning senegence hostess rewards and you can even tap into their sphere of influence by hosting an online facebook senegence party. The hostess benefits for a launch party can be from an in home party or online facebook party.

As we are in the midst of a digital revolution in terms of how we communicate, it is important that we incorporate a digital marketing strategy into our senegence opportunity business plan. Social media platforms have people’s attention more than ever to help you grow your senegence compensation plan income, so we must learn how to strategically position ourselves to profit from this in our business to maximize our sales senegence income successfully. Traditional prospecting and recruiting methods lack leverage. They are important as marketing senegence products effectively is a relationship business but connection and trust can also be established online through the use of video marketing to provide value and training. People are searching everyday for senegence distributor reviews and other search terms. This allows you to get very specific with your marketing materials as you are practically able to read the mind of your prospects based on their search criteria for senegence reviews videos.

If becoming a senegence distributor top earner is something you desire to achieve then I recommend you position yourself to succeed with marketing your senegence international business online by claiming your place inside our online recruiting and prospecting bootcamp here:

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