Secret SEO Tips and Tricks that BOOST Google rankings… FAST [Free SEO Tutorial]

Secret SEO Tips and Tricks that BOOST Google rankings… FAST [Free SEO Tutorial]

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In today’s video I’m going to show you Secret SEO Tips and Tricks that BOOST Google rankings… FAST which you should implement straight away if you want to improve your rankings in Google and get top Google rankings.

I’ll be showing you how to get top rankings by tweaking your website using a free wordpress plugin called Yoast.

We’ll be doing some on page seo to your website and they only take seconds to implement. After doing this, you should see a massive jump in the Google serps within the next week or so.

This free SEO tutorial will show you how to tweak website setting to boost your website in Google for even higher rankings too.

I think you’ll be amazed once you see the results because it’s if like it’s SEO for dummies because SEO made easy… Too easy ­čśë


  • James Scholes Reply

    Do this and I guarantee you’ll see a MASSIVE jump for all your webpages in
    Google in JUST two weeks from now… Enjoy!´╗┐

  • James Scholes Reply

  • Davao SEO Reply

    Amazing video! Really helpful for my SEO´╗┐

  • Phil Roskams Reply

    Cracking video. Excellent content´╗┐

  • Geek Code Reply

    Thanks brother´╗┐


    Thank you´╗┐

  • Reply

    Thank you for the tips. Been using Yoast for a while now but never really
    knew much about it.´╗┐

  • Lucas Tran Reply

    Thank you for the tips i love it. THank you very much you are doing
    somthing great to help other. very greatful´╗┐

  • Donnalie Joseph Reply

    Thank you so much James. 1Q: Can this be used with websites hosted by
    googlesites? Thank you!´╗┐

  • Andreas Kristiansen Reply

    Tried it now, thanks for sharing man! ´╗┐

  • Tune Live Reply

    Nice video on yoast plugin, if you please make the video on when click on
    new post there is a option of yoast plugin like
    – Snippet Preview
    – Focus Keyword
    – SEO Title
    – Meta description

    Kindly explain these option also in new video with detail.´╗┐

  • lalit lohani Reply

    Thank you…. :)
    I have done according to you…mow lets see..
    Anyways Thanks a lot for such an excellent explanation´╗┐


    Thx for this usefull tips James.´╗┐

  • Jerry Silva Reply

    Great tips you have from this video and you definitely can help newbie
    marketers like me. I’m currently using the link building and SEO services
    of lexorsoft and I will consider your strategies too. ´╗┐

  • Bernadeth vendiola Reply

    thank you james…´╗┐

  • Lozingle TS Reply

    So much to learn about yoast´╗┐

  • Chimdumebi manuchimsoh ifeanyi Reply

    James…pls are u sure this would increase my rankings and traffic?…´╗┐

  • Chimdumebi manuchimsoh ifeanyi Reply

    Hello James…pls i need ur help…..i have done what u stated in the video
    above and i am waiting for the results. i also want .gov and .edu
    links……pls can u tell me how to get them?…my
    email………pls reply…thanks a lot´╗┐

  • K Bizzman Reply

    Why is anything dealing with website have to be explained in WORDPRESS?
    everybody don’t use wordpress.What about other websites such as vista
    prints, wix, etc´╗┐

  • achref nodata Reply

    I strongly recommand using SpeedRankSEO it will really help ranking your
    website on search engine. such a very powerful tool´╗┐

  • Sabrina Rodrigues Reply

    This is a good video. SpeedRankSEO helps in ranking your website on search

  • Amir Hossain Reply

    It’s a great video clip many useful element present in the clip. Thank you.´╗┐

  • rakamadafaka900 Reply

    SpeedRankSEO is the best,i have been using it for 5 years´╗┐

  • Olivier Colas Reply

    So this offer is gone at 97$ ?´╗┐

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