Sayulita Eco Retreats – Awesome Crowdfunding Project

Sayulita Eco Retreats – Awesome Crowdfunding Project

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I found this pretty awesome crowdfunding project & wanted to shine some light on it! Love the idea of green-living & creating eco-friendly housing, and Sayulita Eco Retreats is making some huge strides.

Here is the link to contribute and show your support or get great Indigogo perks:

Here is the link if you want to sign-up for an up-coming eco-building project:

Sayulita Eco Retreats is looking to build a model eco-friendly home and training center where they can empower people to embrace new environmentally friendly technologies, learn what it is like to be in an eco-community, and live authentically in balance with nature. We have started a crowd funding campaign to finance this project. We need popular YouTubers to help us in our endeavor by sharing our link ( We have already purchased the land and have hired an architect to design the facilities


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