Samsung S7 Review, Eero WiFi Router, SD Card Tips, Best Color Laser Printer, Surge Protector Secret!

Samsung S7 Review, Eero WiFi Router, SD Card Tips, Best Color Laser Printer, Surge Protector Secret!

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Today’s topics:
Echo Dot & Tap
00:47 Shannon’s got Amazon’s Echo Dot and Tap on order to review as soon as they come out… she talks about using Echo (Alexa!) at home, and what she’ll be looking for in the review!

04:32 Surge Protector Secret?
The Wirecutter has released a new pick for Best Surge Protector… which is nice, but I had no idea that SURGE PROTECTORS WEAR OUT. LIterally. More info in the show!

06:22 Eero WiFi Router?
Justin sums up a bunch of emails we’ve gotten this week, “I have heard some hype about Eero, a new Wifi mesh network advertised to home owners. Any chance you will be testing this product? I would love to see if the marketing lives up to real world performance.” We talk about what Eero claims, where it should work the best (BIG HOUSES), what we would use (for a lot less money) in a smaller home, and more!

11:03 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!
How good is Samsung’s new flagship? Hak5’s Darren Kitchen joins us with his hands on review!

26:45 Color Laser Printer Pick
@MrNickMurphy tweets, “Hey folks! I’m done with inkjets. Can you recommend a good value colour laser printer.” We talk HP’s Color LaserJet Pro M252dw (and Epson’s EcoTank printers) in the video!

28:38 Where’s the 4K???
@Ketchup_Fingers tweets, “@TekThing Will you guys update to 2160p or 1440p on YouTube in the near future? I may be in the minority, but it would be very cool” Answers in the video…

29:31 Raspberry Pi DAP?
Kwekwe Karu aka ‏@MadMohawkFilms, tweets, “@TekThing #RasberryPi3 + #Hifiberry + #Screen to make #DAP ???” Yes… we talk Digital Audio Players, Volumio, Rune Audio works, HiFiBerry DAC (and why GPIO PiHats & I2S audio are prolly the way to go), Audioquest’s Dragonfly, and more in the video!

31:53 SD Card Pro Tip!
Got an SD card from new camera (or phone, or ???) full o’ data and your PC gives you an error and tells you you need to reformat the card? Shannon’s got a protip that explains what’s happening, the easy fix and more. (Like the SD Card Associations most excellent SD Card Formatter.)

34:32 Camera Reccos For a Big Trip?
John writes, “I’m going on my first overseas trip to Japan, and couldn’t be more excited. What I’m not excited about, is capturing this awesome trip solely with the camera on my phone. I’m turning to you good folks with the hopes of getting some advice on places to rent cameras online, as well as recommendations on a camera to take.” Watch the video to hear what we’d reccomend, and sources for camera rentals, too!

40:40 Do Something Analog:
And remember … once in awhile… put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop… and do something analog, like learn a new language!!!

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