Salon Marketing – A Salon Business Plan Strategy for Client Retention

Salon Marketing – A Salon Business Plan Strategy for Client Retention

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The Salon Profit Circle is a strategy specifically for salon professionals on getting your first time clients to become loyal salon clients for the long haul. There are many factors that influence a client’s decision to make you their permanent hair stylist. Once they become a loyal client in your salon, you are on the road to consistent salon growth, which leads to increased salon profits!

It all begins with the first impression in your salon. Are you proud of your salon space? Is it nicely decorated and clean? When your client arrives, be sure to walk toward them with a smile, and greet them appropriately. Help them feel like they are the only client you will see today. Give them an excellent service and finish making them look like a rock star before they leave. And try to pre-book their next appointment with you. This takes confidence to get that next appointment, but you need to get some salon product in their hands, and book their next appointment.

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If they decide they are not ready to schedule their follow up appointment, then we go to step 2 of the Salon Profit Circle! From this point, we follow up with our first time client through email or text message within 24 hours, and ask them to fill out our salon survey. This gives us good feedback, and allows them to invest in our salon by giving their impression.

When they click the salon survey submit button, it redirects them to another page on your salon website which encourages them to share your salon website or salon video on social media in order to get voucher for discounted service on their next appointment.

So they have now filled out a survey, shared your salon on social media, and received a coupon toward their second appointment in your salon. Unless they had a very bad experience, there is a very high percentage you have won them over by this point for the next hair appointment. This is client retention at its best!

And not only that, but they have shared your salon with all of their Facebook friends, which will lead to more first time clients, and the Salon Profit Circle starts over. This is a great hair salon idea that is part of our salon business plan, and has worked wonders for our salon growth over the last several years. I am telling you, this is the way to increase your salon profit!

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Salon Client Retention

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