Sales & Marketing Tips – Growing Your Business

Sales & Marketing Tips – Growing Your Business

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Chris Sheng, Growth Strategist / Former Founder of SimpleTux, spent 8 years as a film and TV executive, producing three full length features, including Knock Knock 2 for Lionsgate, which he also wrote and directed. With a seriously impressive and diverse background, Chris sits down with Mark Lack to talk about being a growth strategist and what that entails.

Being a growth strategist means going into businesses and help them figure out how they can grow through sales and marketing strategies and tactics.

What is the biggest reason why most companies are lacking to grow their business?
Chris – usually it is because they need to figure out what channels are working. There is traditional marketing i.e TV ads, and there is digital – you need a good combo of the two rather than just doing things digitally. You need to do a lot of testing – copy, lead generation campaigns and channels, headlines, etc.

The heart of growth stems from story-telling. You have to have the story – that is the bottom line.
Mark and Chris go over his story and his journey.

They discuss the ingredients of successful entrepreneurs. Hustle and Grind. Starting a business is hustle and grind – what are you willing to sacrifice in order to do it.

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