Roo Raymond: Music Marketing & Video Promotion (Interview 2015)

Roo Raymond: Music Marketing & Video Promotion (Interview 2015)

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021: Roo Raymond – Music Marketing & Video Promotion

Roo Raymond is a musician, podcaster and digital marketer working within the Canadian music industry. Roo is part of the staff at Dale Speaking, a company that focuses on radio promotion and digital marketing. We spoke with Roo about how artists can best use social media, promote music videos online, and the importance of education vs experience when it comes to the music industry.


– Roo tells us about being a “furry”
– We talk owning music in physical formats and about how we all like to listen to albums from start to finish… are we alone here?
– We discuss the debate of education vs experience in the music industry
– Roo tells us about how things have changed in the music industry over the past 5 years
– Roo describes social media as a fan club and how artists can use it as a way of building interaction and relationships with your audience
– If you don’t like a particular social media platform, get someone else on your team to manage it for you
– Roo gives us some tips on ways to promote music videos online


If you’re going to use social media, don’t use it as a billboard, use it as a conversation
Build up your fanbase before releasing an album


NQ ARBuckle (Music)
Alt-J (Music)
Tiffany (Music)

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