Review: Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Program & Why Snapchat lost $2.2 Billion

Review: Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Program & Why Snapchat lost $2.2 Billion

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Episode #4: What Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Program Means for The Entire Marketing Industry
Is this a game changer or are they dressing up their Affiliate program?

Snapchat loses 2.2 billion – what should they be doing to monetize their base.
1. It’s still a Marketing loser
2. Confederacy of marketing mishaps
3. There are still people promoting Snapchat over Instagram/Facebook
4. Snapchat doesn’t understand marketers or influencers and are paying dearly for it.

Mark Fidelman of Fanatics Media and Gil Eyal of HYPR discuss the latest topics on every marketer’s minds.

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