Retargeting in PPC & Social #AuthorityHoA

Retargeting in PPC & Social #AuthorityHoA

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What is retargeting? How does it work?

We have two of the best lined up to discuss the business benefits of retargeting. Join guests Sean Dolan of PushFire and Rachel Malone-Olson of aimClear for tips and strategy to take your digital marketing to the next level. Hosted by Chase Granberry Melissa Fach  and Michelle Stinson Ross

Melissa Fach: Can you give us a brief overview of what retargeting is in PPC and Social Media?

Sean says the best explanation he as for retargeting, remarketing, or remessaging in digital marketing is this: digital advertising that engages a customer or prospect with custom messaging based on previously acquired information. There’s three parts to that definition. First is real engagement, this is never the first interaction that a brand has with a person online. Because it is at least a second interaction, brands have some information, or common history, with that person to base the message and engagement on. For PPC in particular, that messaging could be display ads via the Google Display Network or search ads in Google and Bing. In display, you can create very customized messaging to present at the right time on the right sight to the right niche of your audience. In search, you can overlay keywords with a particular remarketing list.

Rachel adds that paid social media retargeting works much the same way. The particular targeted audience is defined by interactions they’ve had with your brand’s website, email, or social media. Both Facebook and Twitter use forms of custom audiences that you can either upload as a defined list or create using code embedded in your website.

MF: How do businesses choose where they should retarget – PPC, Social, or both?

Rachel comments that the decision to use retargeted advertising in PPC, Social Media, or both really has to do with where the brand or client is at that moment. What do they need to accomplish? What goals and key performance indicators have they set for themselves? Audience preferences also have to be taken into account to ensure that you are getting the most effective and efficient use of that advertising spend. If your audience isn’t active on Twitter, there is little need to spend money remarketing in Twitter. If your brand does not have a significant social community, then PPC is probably a better option for paid remessaging.

Sean expands on those ideas by adding that a particular channel should not be ruled out strictly based on your brand’s activity in that channel. Take the time to do the market research and test the channels to discover just how much of an audience your brand actually has on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn before ruling out those options. If you have yet to be active, you may not be aware of the warm audience available to your brand in a particular channel.

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