Responsive web design clever tips and techniques – Vitaly Friedman

Responsive web design clever tips and techniques – Vitaly Friedman

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Responsive Web design challenges Web designers to adapt a new mindset to their design processes as well as techniques they are using in design and code. This talk provides an overview of various practical techniques, tips and tricks that you might want to be aware of when working on a new responsive design project.


  • Fedir RYKHTIK Reply

    Liked a lot this talk. Very informative and well done.

  • Markus Thiel Reply

    To bad that the sound is messed up 15min in to the talk

  • Team Mango Media Private Limited Reply

    Responsive #Web Designs. Things you need to keep in mind before Launch +Team
    Mango Media Private Limited Via

  • mir sujat Reply

    Sound quality is too bad after 15 miutes

  • Mac DeStroir Reply

    I would like to personally thank you for this video. I would like to borrow
    your brain for a day. Anyone looking into designing for the web absolutely
    needs to hear this. There is no reason we should not always be doing these
    very things with every client and project. Amazing. Thank you again.

  • Digital Conversion System Reply

    responsive site is a must nowadays. would you agree?

    For more helpful tips/info about webdev, webdes visit us at..
    digitalconversionsystems. com

  • Thomas Zhang Reply

    Found another video and slides with much better quality

  • Martin Robinson Reply

    Keep still man ¡

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